The Loneliness Issue

"We're not together."  "I'm married but it's a lonely marriage."  "I just get so lonely; it really hits me if my cat goes missing for a while."

I've heard heard all of these comments first hand just in the last few days - from men and women, and none whom I know really well!

Loneliness.  There seems to be a lot of it about.  People who look fine from the outside.  Have good jobs. Family.  Lots of friends.  And of course those who are obviously lonely.   Old people. Young people.

What then, is loneliness?  How can someone like my friend Francesca, who seems to have everything, and lives what one might see as an 'easy life', be lonely?

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Your Coach

I am a trained life and relationship coach, with a background in cognitive psychology, and many decades of lived experience.  I have helped men and women in all stages of relationships, with serious issues such as breakdown, infidelity, toxic relationships, and bereavement.

I have lived experience of chronic depression, and awareness of the way in which depression shows up in our lives in its various forms.

Best of all, I have the experience of seeing clients growing ready to  really 'move on', with effective tools and strategies to use on their journey; and the heartfelt thanks that I receive from them.

I acknowledge that as a lived experience counsellor, I am not qualified to make medical decisions, and will always encourage you to involve your trusted medics in your life/health decisions.